This early morning I was awakened by a very old memory of a time when our nation hated a generation of there children. It was for a cause they said we were needed in a foreign land to stop the communists from taking over the world.

I remember the feelings of all the kids in school the thought of war and death instead of life and future. An entire generation of children surrendered to An unknown idol that would burn us alive for unknown cause. (Moloch)

It was the year of 1966 I graduated from high school, 1968 I was in Vietnam along with everyone else born in the wrong time. I buried my little boy there that year,it would be forty plus years before I got permission to bring Billy home. Only now am I mourning the loss.

I survived that year in body only, and returned home only to discover that the whole nation hated us. So there I was a man without any warm embrace or comfort, just a pariah it would seem. there was no reason there was only hate. Somehow my wife and children survived but not unscathed,

Here I am turning seventy five next month and still the pain remains. I forgive you whoever you may be, but please Stop killing babies. This is something I never did or will.

All is not at loss in this life, for while the night before going ashore I stood alone at the deck of the ship, the USS Ogden, watching exploding rockets and tracer rounds go off. It was there I reached out to an unknown God and was found by him and never feared again for my life. I have walked with him every moment of my scrambled life and can’t wait to see him face to face.

He is still the only reality in my life. You should meet him my Christ, Lord and Savior.

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/16/2022.

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