The way of the cross

There is a passage in the bible, which states ” pick up your cross and follow me”.
Have we ever considered exactly what that statement actually means?
I think that many have pinned it on like a badge of honor, parading it around as kind of a religious phallic symbol. Others have looked upon it as an adventure wherein they go about slaying dragons and demons. In part the second may be true to some extent, if we keep in mind that the demons are our own nature.
To begin with the emblem we embrace is a symbol. It is also a tool, still used by some when cooking a complete animal over fire such as a sheep or goal. The Romans in bible times used it as a very cruel form of execution. In other works it an instrument or symbol of death. Not just the one referred to as Jesus, don,t forget there were three men on that hill.
Pick up your cross and follow me, actually is an invitation to die a cruel hideous death, in the end beating the cross does not exude anything glorious on this earth. Unless you found the slow death of your fleshly appetite, or seeing your self ascending humanity pierced, and struggling until it is dead.
Somehow we have managed to make following god into a community orgy of false religious thinking, in order to not see the true path to relationship with god.
The bottom line is ” He must increase and I must decrease “.


~ by spiritualhypster on 08/10/2013.

2 Responses to “The way of the cross”

  1. I’m with you. We just don’t get it, we can do nothing to save ourselves. It is finished .


  2. There are two reasons to pick something up:
    (1) to carry it
    (2) to movet it out of the way

    I had a thought that perhaps “pick up your cross” means (2). In other words, get rid of the notion that your cross is the one that will save you.

    I can’t get anyone to buy that interpretation yet, but it’s a compelling thought to me…


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