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another peak through life’s camera lens .


As I reflect on the many encounters with the concept and sense of God, I realize that in every case I was on a collision course with the next experience. For instance, the circumstance of moving to Oregon wasn’t my choice, the trip to Viet Nam wasn’t my choice and so on. Though there were many choices in my life it seemed that when God wanted my attention, he got it. As I continued on my life’s path I met a number of people who had an effect on my journey toward “God” awareness. A fellow Marine in-country and another in Hawaii ultimately led me into the church (religious) experience. Though there were many happy connections and the search for awareness seamed to be heightened, I wonder if this path was essential. The part of community was a good experience for my family and myself, but the religious garb we…

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~ by spiritualhypster on 05/23/2016.

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