Truth is not relative just as God is not relative.

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We are relative!

Truth like God are constant. There’s no surprise in the things God does for it is consistent with his very nature. There is one Exception that God will condescend to touch speak and care about lovingly his creation being us.

We on the other hand, have no constant aspects about us, Unless of course we count our consistent rebellion against God and his laws, and how insatiable propensity to choose darkness over light. We of course are being helped along by the god of the age the great I will be. No not God.

The great I am continues to stand firmly constantly demonstrating his truth which cannot be altered.

Does God test us?

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Only good things come from God?

What about evil thing?

Job 10:2 shall we receive good at the hand of God and shall we not receive evil?

Psalms 23:4 Yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil will that work with me by rod in my staff they comfort me.

It rains on the just and the unjust I like.

Job says that God has made the crooked serpent by his hand and he is and is counted among Gods Ways.

Consider this as you walk forward is this he that keeps you is this a test is he that saves you.

A person can walk through a very scary time seemingly evil here’s when you get a choice believe, God or cringe in fear and reject it has not from God. Job 26:13

God makes no mistakes!

Psalms 103:7

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He made his ways known unto Moses. And his acts unto Israel.

Distinguish the two words in your heart Ways and Acts.

If you know your scriptures do you know what happened in the wilderness.

Will you empty my head so you can fill my heart?

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It is my contention that the head gets in the way of everything God is trying to say to us. If understanding reaches only the head it will fly away, but if it drops into our spirit and our heart here’s it can tell our head the truth of what God is saying to us. Gods light is a living word and creative, we need as much as he gives us.

Perhaps here is a different perspective when considering dementia, Alzheimer’s, or autism and all the other sciences of the mind.

Could it be? Perhaps we could ask them.

Psalms 25:4

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You prayer should be this.

Ways , Paths, acts, & Works

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We should know all these terms because we do all of them well some of us. The way that’s how we live the path that’s our choices the acts Are things we do, and works this is our choice of involvement actually doing something with purpose.

We should also no there is gods ways And there are righteous paths to be involved with learning experiencing and seeing the acts of God the works of God and the salvation of God.

2 chronicles 7:14

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I will preppers this with psalms 66:18,Which says if I regarding Iniquity with you in my heart God will not hear me.

This is another you should read. Do your own works.

The Bible is a living word to those who have an ear to hear.

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In our todays religious society nobody reads the whole Bible anymore. Well perhaps that’s a bit harsh. Some might.

You see the old testament, the first covenant with God. The New Testament the second covenant was man. Both tell the same story and is a total history of God dealing with man on earth if we leave out any poor we will miss some of the most precious revelations that we could possibly receive Otherwise.

Don’t be duped by those who are too lazy to search the Scriptures and begin to understand how other men women and children live their lives through centuries with God.

If you will prayerfully and carefully read the Scriptures the Holy Spirit will bring it to life and Breathe it upon you. His word are alive and full of hope healing promise and love.

Revelations 2:5

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Another read for you. Actually it’s a reading head.

This is for those who are submitting at the idea of having divine their own God in their own mind and move to the crooked powers of an iniquity . God send you this message.

Isaiah 3:12

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It looks like I’m on a roll with quoting scripture another job for you. Read this if you don’t see the nature of our nation and perhaps the world then you’re blind.

Oh Lord! Open our eyes open our mind open our heart where our spirit drink and the truth that without you we are these.

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