No Greater hope none so shure.

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The world in which we live seems to have fallen down around everyone’s ears. With pestilence and drought strange signs in the heavens and the earth shaking and tossing to and fro, We find our insides very unstable . Many have fear and concern entering into our hearts. there are many places people turned try to find Solis at this time.

When the enemy comes in like a flood God will raise up his standard. There is no greater hope and no Shurer.

They that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength! There is nothing to fear only this be careful when you fight that you are not fighting God.

May his peace rest on you and on your home and let your heart be still and know that he is God.

Salvation is a person!

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I Am Salvation! “Hear that?”

It is done! You can’t take away from it, you can’t add to it! It isn’t in our grasp. There is only one who is given the power over all things. On the cross he said it is Finished!

The great I AM is Salvation.

Believe it!

Break up your fallow ground.

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Fallow ground is ground thst has been left unattended for a very long time.

The place we referred to as the heart is a prime candidate for unattended land or ground if you prefer.

It may be the whole heart or it may be just part of it.

The concept of breaking up That ground is the turning over of soil in exposing roots of things that I’ve grown there so he sun might bake them Allowing them to decompose and add nutrients back into the soil.

After this period of time we add things to the soil which will improve its nutrients strengthen it it can support something that needs to grow their last restoring the soil and had been so depleted and forgotten all these years.

Have you left your ground unattended perhaps it’s time to wake it for things need to grow there for us to grow with them and life begins to bloom and we can share our life and others will be in Riched by what is produced there.

What has God joined together?

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What God has joined together let no man put asunder. I have both heard and use this phrase in regards to marriage, and though it may have its place there on closer inspection, I see there is a marriage between the lamb and I.

I embraced him there at the cross and he me and we were united and started to walk is one. It has saddens me over the years when I consider how unfaithful I was, and yet he never rejected me he just forgave me when I confessed, cleaned me up and gave me a new pair of clothes.

It is this very reality to say to many I’ve only been in love with one that would be my Lord. Still there is room to love Many perhaps you are some of them that I know and know me.

What God has joined together let no man put asunder or woman for that matter!

I often pray and seek what you have said am I walking among the living or am I among the dead. That I am awakened by your words only to find that it’s all in my head.

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We are a driven society!

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For instance, we are all driven to succeed. I’ll let you determine what successes is. Then, we are determined that our children succeed driving them with the help of the schools of course it seems the educational system and the public Authorities seemed hell-bent on making people driven after all they do pay the taxes.

We are driven to look are very best at all times we must have the finest automobile and the biggest house and everybody must be invited to see it. In it self Not a horrible thing something we should allreach for. With a great big butt! The whole nation can’t be doing this together at the same time without chaos and chaos leads us to extreme competitions and some cases violence.

Now I can go on forever but I’m not going to because my point is this ,God Didn’t create a driven people he created sheep I don’t mean to four footed sheep sheep in the form of human beans why are you say sheep sheep can be lead they never driven at least I don’t think they are I never drove my shit I left for the example they walk behind me carefully we went off they found the water I found the ground and we were all perfectly happy

This is the err of our humanity and if we look closely we will find it a country or at least the people in it have decided to follow after The god of higher learning and cthe humidity government is leading them but they’re not following.

We are all like sheep are gone astray!

The secrets of life are not secrets.

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You’re only hidden, it is a gift that we might seek them out. Men call gods truth a mystery and hidden, but it is God’s desire that we find everyone about what they think is the secrets of God. I say if you learn to listen and ask God to put a salve on your eyes so you can see you’ll find the secrets of life are hidden in plain sight. They are available to all who would know yet. If I hide a iniquity within you in my heart God will not hear me nor will I be able to see or understand.

Exodus 25 visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children until the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.

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The keyword here is iniquity. This word is translated from Hebrew in the Old Testament or the Torah your choice. And it means “twisted or crooked.

In light of misunderstanding perhaps we should look at the condition of our nation or perhaps the world to see if the iniquity of the land is about to be full. Indications are that Sodom and Gomorrah had build a couple of iniquity mostly they were destroyed.

The above scriptures are exceedingly profound There is a strong indication that the iniquity of the fathers is embraced by the children follow and then God’s judgment regarding this will follow even to the fourth generation maybe more.

To all the leadership of our land it is in your hands to begin to and twist all the things that you’ve twisted in order to accomplish your goals your purpose this isn’t about you it’s about God and what he’s going to do to you and not just you because you represent us and your representation of us it’s just plain filthy twisted notted up nasty stuff.

If you don’t believe in God or are you pretending to have the ideals but not the spirit or heart you might wanna get that straight somebody’s counting on you. I for one am not. As God has been discovering my skin my iniquity my twisted nature for almost 75 years and he’s not done yet but I will bend in the heart And in the knee and beg forgiveness because I need it. “So do you!”

Rightly dividing the word of truth.

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In light of my previous post, I would like to say Nineveh in the story of Jonah repented and gods Stayed is hand of judgment. God wants to forgive we should want to be forgiven.

Why the diversity in churches.

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I said churches it could be a synagogue or a field or on a rock or pretty much anywhere or two or more gathered seeking God. It has been argued by many and having social organization in religion Causes me to believe there is no God no God is this confused.

But consider this for as many human beings with different philosophies and ideals different desires different methodology different national background we should have religious organizations as diverse as the people on the face of the earth. There should be no confusion regarding all the managers styles and philosophies ago on because that’s what humans do not what God yet he can work through anything and as I have discovered the heart of God and people who had no earthly idea what I was talking about and yet I knew exactly what they were talking about I stop questioning God.

Our Lord said I came not that you might judge one another but that you might repaint.!

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