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What a freedom knowing it isn’t about me. When the words on the cross were spoken “It is finished that was the day all mankind was free and more. Today I can walk with the knowledge of a living breathing relationship with someone with in and with out. Peace that passes all understanding.

Oh! don’t get me wrong, the flesh, and all that pertains to it are still here, but the knowledge that it’s only for a season is a great comfort. Lets not forget the time and conversation and healing that comes from a relationship with a living God. This is a wonderful way of being. There is no one over lording me, the pressure of guilt is satisfied, the freedom of expression in every realm . It is here you begin to understand the scope of what was accomplished by him, and the freedom of knowing you couldn’t…

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Posted out of order.


Shedding the trappings of religion was an attempt to remove all influences from my walk from outside my self. I’m uncertain that is possible but, I had made up my mind and heart that God began this walk by telling me he existed which means that God speaks to us. Well this set up the walk to be a one on one experience me following after God.

It was no easy task to go on this path, because it seamed that at every turn there was someone who just had to tell me about Jesus. It became a fight within myself I actually had to make a stand against someone else trying to get involved in my heart and soul. I became angry at the religion that was constantly in my face, it took some learning to adjust my feelings and bring my soul to a place of rest. Then…

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alone but not.


One of the greatest challenges in walking this new path of choice is the removing of cliché which is the norm in the religious circles. In order to communicate with others when asked, what is your spiritual beliefs? I refused to use Bible quotes, or quotes from ministers or authors, not even the many songs embedded in my mind. What words will I use to talk? This is a new war of the mind, and I wasn’t prepared for it. I found my self stuttering for a way to say what was real for me and how that might be different from the typical religious walk. Me before and Me after. Now the war was with the two me’s. I now have to communicate with my own words, feelings and experiences, not someone else. At this juncture of my life I realized that much of the etherial experience in God…

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another peak through life’s camera lens .


As I reflect on the many encounters with the concept and sense of God, I realize that in every case I was on a collision course with the next experience. For instance, the circumstance of moving to Oregon wasn’t my choice, the trip to Viet Nam wasn’t my choice and so on. Though there were many choices in my life it seemed that when God wanted my attention, he got it. As I continued on my life’s path I met a number of people who had an effect on my journey toward “God” awareness. A fellow Marine in-country and another in Hawaii ultimately led me into the church (religious) experience. Though there were many happy connections and the search for awareness seamed to be heightened, I wonder if this path was essential. The part of community was a good experience for my family and myself, but the religious garb we…

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A little piece of me.


There have been a number of incidents that made me aware that somehow God was involved with my life. The first one that comes to mind was when I was a junior in high school. It was a rough time for me as we moved in the middle of the year and I had to leave my friends in Washington and go to school in Oregon. It must have been hard for all of us, since during that year mom and dad argued quite a lot. Dad was going to go back to Washington and leave mom in Oregon. I was so upset that I couldn’t sleep. I took off walking up the road and spotted a church. I mistakenly thought churches were left open for times like this, but to my surprise the only thing I could do was look through the window. When I did, I saw a…

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I have thought long and hard trying to determine just when it was that I became conscious of Gods existence. I even consulted my family to see if there were any signs of this understanding evidenced in my youth. All and all I came to the conclusion that I just always knew God was God and that was it, as to the awareness that came a bit slower. For sure I never had to have it proven to me. At the age of about 10 or 12, a fella came by the house and was talking to Mom and Dad about grave sites for them. When he left he handed my sister a white bible and I got a black one. I seem to remember both my sis and I going to Sunday school at least once or twice. None of that ever had much effect on me, just seemed…

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Fallow ground

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I find quite a few misconceptions in regards to the meaning of fallow when preachers try to relate it to the human soul. This is usually done from the scripture “break up your fallow ground”. Now I won’t go into the normal reference now but I am sure you can locate a message on-line.

Fallow ground, is the making ready the land without planting during the growing season. This is done to destroy weeds and  retain moisture giving the land a period of rest and restoration in order to be able to restore nutrients and health to the soil without which the soil would become useless.

There are times when people and even nations need to allow the ground of society or self to become fallow in order to allow for future use by other generations . We as individuals need this healing as well, somehow i think God takes care to ensure our health in these matters. There are times we find ourselves for one reason or another to continue on the normal path. We just don’t have the strength or the inclination to continue. REST!

Lets be aware of misused words and make sure we don’t just make things up to suit our own purposes.


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