Upside down logic

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To most of us we make statements like I need to get my faith back! really how do you expect to do that? It’s truly not in your hands. God gave us a measure of faith that is to every man that he might believe. He also said that Faith is a substance of things not seen and the evidence of things not seen.

Some more of our great logic is I have to trust the Lord more! I don’t read my Bible enough and I need to pray.

I won’t go on about this except to say two things.

Faith is a free gift of God, you don’t earn it you can’t buy it you can’t steal it and you can’t borrow it. You don’t have to it’s a free gift! Trust on the other hand is earned that is to say Something totally strange to you now, God is working really hard to prove to you that you can trust him!

Now I just heard all the arguments coming from the Darkside your head your heart your desires your emotions. With a little help from a lot of demons.

Faith is a gift really given you have to receive it. Trust just pay attention and you will see the Gardens dried his dad level best to put you in his ways and on his pads.

Glory to God in the highest!

Twisted thinking. Iniquity!

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This post is for those of you who believe the New Testament of the Bible is the only part that applies to them. I would have you read Isaiah chapter 42 verse 21 through 25.


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You are not America, you are simply The United States (of America) America is much larger than you heart!

If you, the leaders of these Unites States have the courage of your forefathers then I give you what God says to you this very time in history. READ Isaiah chapter 10 and if you care, more. Yes it’s a book you don’t believe, it is for this reason you should.

The plight of the politicians, but (As go the leaders so go the nation. Think and read it until you get it

He speaks

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Did you ever wonder why you don’t hear when God speaks? Perhaps you should take the time to search to see what it is it has your ears plugged up but he doesn’t speak to your ears and speaks to your spirit or if you prefer your heart. There’s a few scriptures in the Bible that speak of God being the one who closes your ears and close your eyes so you cannot hear you cannot see. Are you one of these the same Bible gives an answer to the questions I just asked but I’m not going to do your foot work you should do your foot work. Whatever it is you have perhaps it’s not a personal relationship with God. Many of us have been given false image of God I love the relationship it’s like the way we live today we don’t take responsibility for our life for our actions, or for meeting God on a personal level which is what he intended to happen every single one of us From the beginning of time.

Yes I’m speaking to you just as I have been spoken to it’s time to wake up and pay attention to what God has been trying to tell us but our ears are full of BS.


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It ‘s what you don’t hear from a speeker that speaks the loudest. Not to your ears or your heart, But do your spirit. For here in lies your life both here and here after.

God is still speaking. You should learn to listen it will save you life every time.

None other can be trusted so completely.

Remember what a speaker doesn’t say is more important than what he said.

The waters of life

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The waters of life come from only one place, That is beneath the throne of God.

We are bid come drink and live. We have a tendency to try to fill our coffers with this precious liquid light and love truth, but alas it cannot be contain it must be replenished often.

Without the replenishment on at least a daily basis this water that we have tried to contain will putrify, And become stagnant as well As we.

Without being replenished with the waters of life we are easily lead astray by our own lust and desires.

That being said come to the rivers of life and drink and be filled and share what you have with the others there by making room for replenishment of waters as quickly as possible.

As I sit and marvel at the beauties of this earth, they grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace.

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It’s strange because I have both said and sang these words many times but never did they mean as much as it doe now. I begin to understand there is oh so much more just on the other side.

I can’t wait! But I will, looking forward to the Union with whatever awaits us.


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This early morning I was awakened by a very old memory of a time when our nation hated a generation of there children. It was for a cause they said we were needed in a foreign land to stop the communists from taking over the world.

I remember the feelings of all the kids in school the thought of war and death instead of life and future. An entire generation of children surrendered to An unknown idol that would burn us alive for unknown cause. (Moloch)

It was the year of 1966 I graduated from high school, 1968 I was in Vietnam along with everyone else born in the wrong time. I buried my little boy there that year,it would be forty plus years before I got permission to bring Billy home. Only now am I mourning the loss.

I survived that year in body only, and returned home only to discover that the whole nation hated us. So there I was a man without any warm embrace or comfort, just a pariah it would seem. there was no reason there was only hate. Somehow my wife and children survived but not unscathed,

Here I am turning seventy five next month and still the pain remains. I forgive you whoever you may be, but please Stop killing babies. This is something I never did or will.

All is not at loss in this life, for while the night before going ashore I stood alone at the deck of the ship, the USS Ogden, watching exploding rockets and tracer rounds go off. It was there I reached out to an unknown God and was found by him and never feared again for my life. I have walked with him every moment of my scrambled life and can’t wait to see him face to face.

He is still the only reality in my life. You should meet him my Christ, Lord and Savior.

Except a corn Of wheat fall to the ground and die I cannot bear fruit.

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Here in is the secret to being born again.

John 12:24 John 15 all. John 15 all. Tell me whst you here.

There is Light in darkness

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Life through death

Two seemingly conflicting statements. What do you think?

If you think about it just a little bit light would be imperceptible without darkness, and darkness truly would not exist if they were not light to make a contrast.

As for life scripture hold it for seed falls to the ground and dies it brings forth life. And so it is with us life continues because our time is over and a new seed must come forth.

Thanks to the wisdom of the Holy Ghost, We continue to learn even in our old age.

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