Justice vs judgement

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Which do you really want?

If God would grant us justice. He would consume us on the spot.

Judgement on the other hand is making all things right.

You pick!

What do you see?

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I see through glass darkly, As it were there stands a vail before me. I can not pass through.

That Vail is our flesh, we are carnal and no flesh can’t enter the holy of holies . Which is to say his presence. However his presence can permeate our life and our world and when it does our eyes are open ears are open our hearts are out and life as we’ve never known it begins.

Do you understand that our world is inverted what I mean is God‘s ways and our ways , are in opposition to one another. It is impossible for our brain to fathom even the smallest concept of God Christ or heaven let alone hell. By his spirit he can enlighten us sometimes I call revelation, to us that’s huge . One thing for certain the input I have here on this earth can’t touch the glory and wonder of his world, so high, chase the truth and face the truth will you?

Once God has reached across his veil, we can begin to see, and then perhaps grasp. We will never really understand on this side.

BUT Oh! What a vision!

Chaldeans are you one!

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Jeremiah 25:12, All is best.

You will find that they were a community of Seers, conjures, and astrologers , and more.

It would appear that God has a different view than we do regarding these and other workers of dark arts.

To all

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Mar.7:13-13 read this.

Don’t believe in God?

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Human kind has outgrown the need for god. So they think, we are our own god we can do anything. Right?

Today, if we get desperate, we begin to screw around with the Internet talk to her friend read every piece of literature. We can get our hands on to find a way we can fix ourselves.

They’re coming a time or is it right now? Where our godly images of our self will fail. I have discovered when we get desperate enough. We will call on God. It is a pity tho, because for many god will say depart from me I never new you!

I challenge you no Not I, but God damn with you learn of me seek me ask of me or importantly, when you know to do right do it. Then when you ask, I will hear you.

(If your cry for help becomes unbearable seated deadly inside yourself.Start the call plead mercy. And forgiveness.)

Read it.

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If we are to lazy to read , we are just like every other religious person in church.

Mirror mirrors on the wall!

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Jeremiah ch. 18:11 (12)

Thus says the Lord.

His story is full of word pictures about how to live and how to get help when we choose incorrectly. And much much m

It is your story as well.

Attention, pastors and other spiritual leaders everywhere.

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This is just for you! I know it’s been a while, because I like to have been there. But you need to read your Bible. The list is short but here it is. Begin with Jeremiah chapter 2 verse eight chapter 3 verse 15 chapter 10, verse 21, chapter 12, verse 10, chapter 22, verse 22, chapter 23, verse one, chapter 23 verse 2. Thus sayers the Lord.

Have you black listed the Bible?

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Don’t Jones about everything you heard from all the organized religion.

Simply put it is his story. God giving us his story.

Experience a dream

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