I have a question! How do I know when I am spiritual? If I say that I am a spiritual being, does that make it so? If I attend classes and sessions, or seminars. Does that make me spiritual? Maybe if I attended church all my life, or even went to school or seminary and became a minister or priest. Now am I spiritual? I have met many a person that perceives themselves as spiritual, but after becoming quite familiar with them found them to be in most cases though lovely people. Somehow though it didn’t make them spiritual.  There seems a problem with all person’s that give themselves a tag of spiritual. It just does not seem to be in fact true. Perhaps I am biased, every person I have ever met that was a spiritual being, didn’t seem to know it, or for that matter even care. Being spiritual is more who they were, not what they did. Every one of them were thought of and spoken of by others as being truly spiritual yet they had no care about all that. After much considering it has occurred to me that spiritual beings are born spiritual, meaning that at some time in their life there was a berthing of life within them which grew all on its own until there was an obvious outward expression. This is what others have seen and make comment about this person being spiritual. There is never an agenda, they are never self-absorbed, and they do not try to recreate themselves in others. With spiritual beings, I find them to be unassuming, always willing to help, but only when asked or truly needed. If they speak of spirituality it is only because when asked a question they have no other reference to draw on, because this is who they are, not something they put on or do.

If we would be whatever spiritual is then perhaps we need a rebirth.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/05/2013.

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