A dash of balderdash

How blind we are looking out with our own wisdom making judgements. Always thinking that our thoughts are correct, only to learn that somehow as we age all the wisdom falls away and we are left with nothing. Perhaps of our own, but finding all replaced with a new understanding that we can not explain. But now comforted to know that at least there is a revealer of truth who gives this comfort, That being it is never us who understand it is always us who are understood. Be kind, be tolerant, and be available.

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/26/2013.

2 Responses to “A dash of balderdash”

  1. My dear Richard, life is already tempering you when it is done you will be like butter. Just live now to the fullest.


  2. I know about new understanding. I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced it for awhile and am one of the most grateful people. I only wish I could temper my judgments that come from my so-called wisdom; at least prevent the incorrect thoughts that are based on my own judgment.

    Practice makes perfect…


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