When a person stands at the edge of the great chasm of life and death they are truly abandoned, it is here that one must do nothing but rest in the arms of the one in whom they trust. No options as one can not save themselves, it is left to the hands of those sent to surround you with love, and healing power. If we are not pushed over then we’re caught up and carried away to piece.

It is amazing how many things that were so important to us, seem to just not matter at all after we have a brush with death.

It is precious how that which is truly important is all that matters. Love for Life, for Family and for Friends. and appreciation for the gifted angels that took part in your rescue. That would be all the spiritual energy sent to surround me as well as the huge staff of personal who work feverishly around the clock to ensure that you survive.


~ by spiritualhypster on 01/29/2014.

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