Did you know that God will give you promises? Not just for you and you spouse but also for your children. In my life I asked God for just that a promise over my children a promise over my children. They were very young then, but Got did give me promised over each of my children. Now that they are growing older, thirties or older that is. I have witnessed answers to many of those promises. I don’t think all my kids know exactly what God said to me. I do believe however that each of them now have their own promises from God and for their children. You say of me now in your heart this Guy is a nut. Well maybe You just have never reached into God enough to receive a promise or even here God speak. I have, and You should. No one is excluded from receiving from God. So That means that I am not special. But I do want to know what God is saying more than anything else in life.

~ by spiritualhypster on 07/02/2013.

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