Scary Tymes?

Fear and Foolishness are cousins. One lives in the heart of men, women and children and the other is rampant in the governing body of our country.

When I was a young man, we did not live in fear. We did prepare for what caused fear and when and if it came our way we faced it. The mindset was to overcome or die trying. This doesn’t seem to be the case today. We hire others to deal with the fear factor in our life. Unfortunately, the character of these people is flawed and not by their shortcomings, but by the fact the are not the ones given the responsibility for caring for our loved ones, we are. This is the common denominator of the personal and public defense issue. Men with old school values believed with their whole being that there is a power on their side to help overcome all things (GOD). You may call that what you will, but if you take it out of the equation then you become like every other nation and  start asking for a king (President) or the like.

In 68 years of life the only failure in the man/God equation is me. That will always be true, however when I screw up, God is covering my ass. So, it is also true of nations. I am only responsible for my own relationship with God and the rest is in the individual’s corner. Be advised, God is not a religion or any other human expression, but he will come to men who want him wherever they may be found and trust me he takes care of his own.

It has been stated that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I say there is nothing worth fearing, except God not present with his people. I don’t walk with an image. I walk with a person.


~ by spiritualhypster on 11/14/2015.

One Response to “Scary Tymes?”

  1. So, after reading this and thinking about it for a day, plus I’m always busy napping – I agree as usual with your take on things. Most of your creativeness comes from within as is obvious to me by the way your thoughts are written. Some are semi-radical and some are not. I seem to like the semi-radical, but both are outstanding.

    Referring to the article above, “When I was a young man, we did not live in fear. We did prepare for what caused fear, and when and if it came our way we faced it.” How simple the concept! What happened to it. Except for a few in our country, the norm is to let the Congress and the President and sometimes even the Supreme Court determine when and where we should represent the might of good.

    So, we are no longer the World’s Leader. We don’t take action and we negotiate and compromise with terrorists. I’m sick of it and I know there are a bunch like minded people out here.



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