Is God made in your image?

Just think what kind of god it would be if your image of god was actually God. Weak, unsure, related to everything on a human level. Operated with our understanding. Well you can go from here I will give you that much credit for thinking anyway. Wow what a mess god would be. Ok lets not be ridiculous.

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/06/2015.

One Response to “Is God made in your image?”

  1. Once again, so true… I think automatically of God in a human form. Cain’t help it. But I know that isn’t His image. He is omnipotent, all knowing, and all-everything. If I think too hard on this subject it ain’t good. I have my own relationship with God and if I am asked to explain a subject such as Creation or Evolving, I know the answer without having to explain. I once tried to explain my concept out loud and it didn’t seem to work, so I kind of keep it to myself where it belongs.


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