A Picture worth 1000 words

Was asked recently, What is your belief system? After some thought as to not be an ass, I said that I didn’t have one. They looked at me as if I was a fresh piece of meat. To explain.

Consider with me if you would for just a second. The Children of Israel don’t have a belief system They didn’t have a choice about being the Children of Israel, They are born Jews. They simply live doing what they read and pass down for generations and doing what it says.

It’s not any different for so-called born again Christians. If they are born again, or adopted in to the family of Abraham by the blood. They are Children of Israel and don’t have a belief system either. Or at least they aren’t supposed to. The belief system of most is Idol worship and bears no truth, we are to read share and pass down our deliverance from Pharaohs captivity just like the Old Testament in Egypt.

We are born into this life, unlike Israel we had a choice. It is there that belief ends and knowledge begins. I don’t believe anything. I know because I am born in to the family of God not by attaining but by loving and living each day with the experiential knowledge of my relationship with my God and his people.

~ by spiritualhypster on 06/29/2015.

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