I have heard so many mega preachers say that god wants us to prosper, which he does. Just  not in the way these people are speaking about. They want financial prosperity for everyone in their church, because then they get to fleece the sheep even deeper than they already do.

God’s meaning of prospering is to succeed. To succeed at life, love, and happiness, which may not mean more money or things. Society and God are on two different planets when it comes to this concept. We are trained that success equates to more, more and more. God, in most cases looks to make your life less complicated. It is not for all consuming capital gain, but the gain in peace, sanity, relaxation, expression and connection with others in a way that causes us to grow into spiritual beings not money or property hogs. It’s to our benefit to prosper in Gods way. We will have less illness, less psychotic behavior, less anger, frustration and less headache, therefore less medicine.

So live long and prosper. even Mr. Spock knew what that meant. Well almost!

~ by spiritualhypster on 07/24/2012.

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