I really suck at being perfect! I recall how I kind of hoped and prodded my children toward perfection, but alas there aren’t perfect either. Though they are closer to it than I ever was.

Really though, do we expect our children and grandchildren to be this special picture of wonderful perfection, or are we more realistic and see our kids will in many ways turn out just like us. At least a mixture of the parents and grandparents.

What we can hope for plan for and maybe expect is that our children will all turn out Happy, Healthy and full of shit just like us.

I have concluded that God wants us to have a full happy life. So don’t complicate the future with unrealistic expectations.

~ by spiritualhypster on 07/23/2012.

One Response to “Perfect”

  1. It’s those perfect people (or those who think they are) that drive the rest of us crazy. 😉


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