In the beginning.

I posted this, in 2011 it was my about post, in hopes that it would spur others into expressing their selves in this so relevant endeavor. perhaps many of you have not seen the post before, well here is your chance to chime in and express your self. I will repost all comments that warrant doing so, and accept all comments on the post that are relevant. Come help me discover ways of bridging our understanding and explaining things from our perspective. I look forward to your vision. Let us stimulate each others spirit.

I hope to seek out ways to uncover hidden things within the religious world around us. With so many religions in the world there are always questions, divisions, and schisms.  Perhaps with the help of our followers we can shed light on some personal issues within our own experience. I will make bold declarations, bound to create a storm in hopes that, when the dust settles we will grasp our own place in the spiritual would. May all find true peace as we walk together on this earth.

~ by spiritualhypster on 06/27/2012.

One Response to “In the beginning.”

  1. I find your bold declarations to be refreshingly honest, and time and time again you echo the intuition of my soul…


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