You know if we didn’t have our hope for a new life after this one it would be a real shitty existence. We would have absolutely nothing to look forward to in life at all. I think then maybe we would just die of despair. It must be like that when you here a boy being bullied in school, gay bullied no acceptance anywhere , despair and then he ended his life. Something is very wrong in this society today, where was the caring soul that is almost always there to help in times like these. Has our existence together grown so cold and indifferent to each others difficulties that we have no one left to look to the despondent with care and concern, offering a helping hand or a listening ear? I find it disturbing, it seems that everyone has a justifiable reason for why they don’t reach out. As for the bullies they all ways make it to the top, top of the prison list, top of the political arena , or just the top of everyone shit list. At least there on my shit list. There may not be a tomorrow so how about today let’s try to turn back the tide of indifference. Instead of looking for some large organization or government office to fix the problem lets take the responsibility at an individual level, there we can make a difference. When we here someone speaking negatively about someones choices in life have the balls enough to tell them to shut their trap and get a life. Self centered is the choice of today as displayed on the television news, it is also self destructive behavior and will spill over into anyone we are near. Self aggrandizement is a horrible disease and is rampant in society today. The selfless is nowhere to be found. Have all the good ones left?

Well! enough ranting for now. Back to Hope. We do have this hope in life after earth, a better existence than the here and now, and I for one am truly happy that hope is a gift I’ve been given for this life. Now let’s go love someone. Maybe they can use a little hope.

~ by spiritualhypster on 06/07/2012.

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