Faith! What a fantastic gift it is. Truly the crystal ball of the seekers. It is written that faith is the substance or things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. It is also written that without faith it is impossible to please God. Fact is that if you’re not given the gift of faith you won’t care, and may go on with life and never have a desire to know God. That is sad. It is available to all though, all you must do is to ask for it.

I like to look at faith as the intangible expression which will in time lead us to the tangible experience . Not all visions of promise and hope are fulfilled  in one’s life time, some of us pass on and the fulfillment comes later. Faith though is the fact in the end and we travel this earth with a hope for something better to come, faith says it’s worth it. I can think of nothing better to trust in than the promises of my God. I have seen both the beginning and the end of this process many times in my life, therefore when someone contests my faith I must express that this is now for me not so much faith as it is knowledge. I know In whom I believe, and I believe in who I know.  So then faith is the belief there is a road to walk on and knowledge comes when you put your foot down for the first time and begin to walk it. Faith is the eyes that see a realm beyond this earth which is the truly solid place from which all of this earth is formed, only without all the corruption and purification.

Because of the gift of faith we have a desire to look beyond our simple existence, to an experience of living that could not be had by any other means. So I live and will die walking on the road I am given because the one I love more than life says that I can.

Do you have hope, faith and love?

I for one am truly grateful for the gift of faith.

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/01/2012.

One Response to “Faith”

  1. great post !

    faith takes on a greater persona when accompanied with ,grace & truth
    or what paul said hope and love which never fails.


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