I have noticed that God always fulfills his promises. The catch is that he may fulfill them in your children or grandchildren. This is also true of the gifts God has given us. and the spirit and nature as well. It just takes a little time to heal the wounds first. Then everything we are begins to blossom with in our offspring and beyond. It is written that the sins of the father are visited on his children to the tenth generation. The opposite is also true. The blessings of God are visited on the Children, but not for only ten generations, but for ever.

Saying this it makes me wonder, why do we choose to go the wrong direction, maybe it’s because nobody ever told us this reality.

People try everything available to bless their children, accept Gods blessings, Just get some promises from God then you can enjoy the blessings for every,.

~ by spiritualhypster on 04/26/2012.

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