Who’s fault

I hate to be the guy who bears bad news, but it is not our Government who is to blame for all this mess. Oh true each and every politician today and for many generations before them, have their guilt for their particular actions or lack there of. The principes of Government here in the USA, are founded on the fact that we as americans have a right, and a responsibility to be actively involved in assuring the direction of our country goes the way it should. If we allow, and we have, the leaders to change laws, or introduce new laws that give them power over us, we are either blind, or ignorant. Men and Women throughout my life have been sounding the alarm, nobody seems to be paying attention, consequently we are in a pickle. If you want the job done right do it yourself. This is the premiss of by the people for the people. We still have the right to petition, and litigate to make the country a better place. We can still bombard senators, an congressmen, with letters, emails etc. We can find and get behind or even invent a candidate to operate in our behalf. The question is there enough of us willing to get in the mess and maybe give up something in order to start the process which will insure our great great great great grandchildren a nation which is worth living in.

Maybe it will change if we stop bitching about it and start doing something to improve it.

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/25/2012.

One Response to “Who’s fault”

  1. Democracy is a verb. If you don’t like being ruled by bullies, Vote. The government belong to all of us but requires participation. Which starts with thinking, discussion and realizing your voice is important. Email/ write to those elected and express your opinion and then Vote. So sometimes it is like a crap shoot and your particular pet issue may not be championed but still vote to get the general direction at least.


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