In my experience, some of the most sensitive people on the planet are spiritual people, albeit they are at times the least sensitive as well. The ability to stay present for others is a rare gift, those who have it are usually unaware of it because they are focused on being present for others. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were more such people on earth. Or would they drive us crazy by never being concerned about their own stuff? We like to be givers also, but not all the time, it salves something deep within us to give, yet we retain that part of us that is not so selfless. It is said that we are all like sheep lead to a slaughter, that is even more possible with this ever giving personality of which I speak. Yet they know that, and it doesn’t seem to mater to them, as they just want to be of service.

Some times I wish I were more like them and less like me. I think that I am pretty self-centered, but I suppose there has to be folks like me to contrast the real gems of the world. Love is a wonderful thing to spread around and people in this category spread it like butter. Just fabulous.

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/22/2012.

One Response to “Sensitive”

  1. Are not the real gems folks who have an internal balance between nurturing others and nurturing themselves. Being self-aware is not bad and is even neccessary. The needlepoint in my room says “Love everyone unconditionally, including yourself.”


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