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I was noticing, as I have habit to do, that the typical politician has the unceasing want to point the finger and put blame on the other guy. While considering this I came away with the stark awareness that this is how most of us live our lives. From childhood we have want to lay blame / responsibility on the other kid, he did it or she made me do it. Does any of this sound familiar? Driving down the road, there is an accident. The first thing out of our mouth is they cut me off, or they just blasted into me. Sometimes it is in fact the other person, but in many if not most cases the buck truly stops here. As children parents endeavor to teach us that we can’t always blame the other person, then we have to say “I’m Sorry”. When was the last time you heard someone say, I should have had better control of my car, or I was driving to fast. The bottom line, is that no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions or thoughts for that matter, it is just easier to put the blame somewhere else.

Just yesterday I was listening to the news, one of the casters said something to the effect, that the president can’t truly do much about gas prices. Now this is not a typical news castor. Everyone is pointing the finger at President Obama and saying its your fault the gas is so high. Well the caster is correct, but that’s not my point, the point is that we as a society have been trained to blame others, shifting blame or responsibility is the norm. This is what I call very poor personal character, I think it is past time for us to begin to take responsibility for our selves, our families, our driving, and our part in government.

When I go to God, there is no way I will get a clear answer to my question if I don’t first make sure that I accept responsibility for my life before him. On the other hand when I do, I receive very clear guidance for my life and life’s issues.

We can be honest if we will. When it comes to politics where ever you find them, for get it, manipulation in order to get what you want is not what I call the high road.

I Am, I Did it.

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/13/2012.

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