My wife has a wonderful, thing she says when I am busy on my computer and she wants a cuddle. She comes over to my chair looking at me with her special puppy dog look and says simply, IN! Well of course I stop everything and she climbs in and we get a cuddle.

Did you ever want to do that to God? Well I do.

We think of God as someone so far away, so how could I ever look at him and say, In! ?

For as many years as their have been people writing and preaching, teaching or just sharing about God, there has been an apparent distance between God and man. It isn’t something that God intended, it is more likely the creation of mans misinformed state which has kept us away. God loves to walk and talk with his children It is written that he built a garden just for that purpose.

The problem persists because of a separation between us and God. We do something that we think God doesn’t like and we are afraid to come close. We try to hide in the garden so to speak. The biggest problem comes because we don’t truly understand the things which displease God, we just think we know. Gods ways are not our ways. This scenario becomes more complex when someone leading the people before god find themselves in the same place, trying to hide from god. These are the ones we have trusted to show us the way “IN” and they have come to the gate, refuse to go “IN” and to make it worse the block the way for others, so they can’t go “IN” either. What we don’t know is that the gate is not actually physically blocked, it’s just clouded by the bull shit covering the leaders so they don’t feel seen. Of course not only does God see them, but so do we.

There is an “IN” with god if you want, go to him and say In! If there is still a problem then we might have to unlearn the crap we’ve been fed about what displeases God enough to cause a separation. This might prove to be a task much larger that sorting out our feelings.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/27/2012.

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