He wore his scars from his failures on the sleeves of his emotions, not as a badge of exploits, but to remind him of the places never to go again.

No one wants to see your pain, because it reminds them of their own, which they refuse to acknowledge.

He, on the other hand had no choice, he must remember if he is to live the life he has chosen. A life of sharing every aspect of his life with anyone with an open heart and a desire to know.

They are few and far between, it is so sad as he has answers. If only they would ask the questions.

He has discovered the secret of embracing the pain, learning from his failures and the healing that comes from openness of the heart.

Everyone can learn from him. Everyone can give. If you judge you are too high. If you don’t care you are dead already.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/26/2011.

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