The unknown arrow

I have four arrows in my quiver, One is the hunting arrow, one is a field arrow, one is a flu flu arrow, and one is the unknown arrow. You see the unknown arrow use to be a target arrow, but she moved to another land and now we don’t know our arrow very well any more. Maybe! We shall see.

When we made this arrow we almost lost it in the creating process, an associated vine had wrapped its self around the arrow and almost killed it. I was very fearful that the arrow would come out blue. In the end though it was a fantastic arrow, even at that young age. When this arrow was very small, three months to be exact, I had to leave my quiver for a long trip to a foreign land. When I came back this little arrow was only sixteen months old, at that time there was only one other arrow and they were very very close, but I will talk of the other arrow at another time. Now a strange thing had occurred while I was away, this arrow was being cured for straightness by another and for one whole year and a month, it thought that he was her co-creator. So my little arrow wouldn’t have anything to do with me. No matter what I tried it was not going to be tolerated. I even tried putting her in my quiver and just walking around the store and the little arrow would not sit still, she was having none of it. Being a very determined arrow, I began to think there was no way I could work this arrow to a place where it would fly right. Then something horrible happened, somehow the neighbors dog got hold on my arrow and ripped on of her feathers almost completely off. Oh! my god what can I do, I picked it up and wrapped it carefully, and instructed the co-creator to drive to the emergency repair shop, while I carefully held my dear arrow very close to my heart. We arrived and ran all in toe into the emergency shop where after what seemed like for ever, we were allowed to take the little arrow home all fixed up. The repair guy said all was well no permanent damage, though there would be a small scare almost invisible on the backside. So now there was caring for all the damage and making sure there was on more problems. It wasn’t long after that it developed a serious series of fevers almost every other week I had to raise hell with the repair people to eventually remove what was causing the fevers. That almost got me kicked out of the working guild. Sometime in all that and much more I discovered that the little arrow was finely comfortable in my quiver. Some months later I awoke to a great shaking  we were having an earth quake , the swimming pool near us was having waves bigger that the house we lived in. I found every arrow was around me hanging on very tight. Then we went to Hawaii Where the little arrow really began to develop and straighten right out, I knew then that this arrow would always fly straight. This was a smart little cookie, she would pay attention to everything and when she didn’t like how I was she might just up and run away. After that we moved to Georgia, hear things settled down for a while, until she decided to go to England to learn another way to fly. It has been many years now and this little arrow has finely returned to her home land. She thinks no one really knows here now, and maybe she is right. That is why she is my unknown arrow. She is the very determined, highly intelligent, straight shooter that she always was, except now she has suffered some, enjoyed much and loved like there is no tomorrow. She has gained wisdom, my little unknown arrow. Still cute as a button just like the picture with a parasol.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/22/2011.

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