Special moments

I took my wife to Palm Springs yesterday to attend a memorial gathering for an old friend of hers. She had known this couple for 26 years. They are gay and one of them passed away recently. His family and friends all came together to share memories of this man. From the moment I came into the building, I was greeted by, Rick the partner of the man they were all honoring. I immediately felt as if I had known him and these people all my life. This group of people were the most animated, expressive, warm, outgoing people you’d ever want to know. You talk about adoring friends, there wasn’t a person there that wasn’t just bubbling over about how this man had enormously effected their lives. I have never experienced such a wonderful group of people like that. I am really in wonder at the totality of the love and affection everyone had for each other. If I were going to pick people to hang around with, it would certainly be that bunch. They came from all over the country, some gay and some straight. Wow, what a wonderful experience, thank you all for allowing me to take part in such a very special time.

The same weekend was my 64th birthday and my lovely wife pampered me and spoiled me for three full days. All my kids called, sent cards or texted me and I was a very happy camper. Deb had to work on Friday morning, so we made plans to meet our dear friends, Janet and Don for lunch in San Diego. We had such a wonderful time, laughing, enjoying the weather, drinking a glass of wine and eating the best mediterranean food in all of California.  The next day Deb had made plans for a special event at Thornton Winery here in town. The group consisted of cousin Wendy, Janet (half of the couple we were with the day prior), Melanie, Brian and Angela. They are all dear, loving friends of ours. We had a ball, tasted some wines and champagne, ate some lovely food, talked and laughed and generally had a blast. Good music, good wine, good friends and a great wife, wow, what a fabulous weekend. Big thank you to my Debra, she’s a doll, inside and out. We really do have some great times with our friends. I am a grateful man.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/14/2011.

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