I see  a picture, a mosaic, or a tapestry. When viewing the relationship with God, it is like looking at a mosaic that is made up of the many facets of his nature and attributes. There are many of each and each has its own color. When I first see this mosaic I am standing very close to it, therefore I can only see a very small area of the mosaic. In time I begin to understand that there is a greater picture, so I move back a little to get a better view. Again though I see more I still only see a part of the total picture. It isn’t until after much study of all the pieces, that in time I move fair enough back to see the greater revelation of this marvelous mosaic, and with this understanding I just begin to see the many involved facets it the nature of this portrayal. By the way in all the years of following after God, I have never yet seen the complete picture.

A tapestry on the other hand is constructed of millions of tiny threads, each with its own amazing color. and each color with its own special purpose in the picture. When we look at the tapestry depicting Gods many attributes as well as the gifting’s, I am amazed at the magnitude of choices there could be in such an expression. Early on in my walk I began choosing each color as it was revealed red for blood, purple for royalty, gold for purity, and so on. Way to many to mention here. I found one I wanted and began asking God for the gift of healing. In small ways my prayer was answered, but as time went on and I began to move back from the picture, I began to realize that it wasn’t the gift I was interested in having. I truly wanted not the gifts of god, I wanted the giver of the gifts, and now as I stand further back from that wonderful tapestry of my love, I only want more, and more every day. One can have any part of God they want,but I am not satisfied with only part. May I be found totally consumed by the love of God.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/03/2011.

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  1. An engaging and inspiring vision and devotion.


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