There was a time when no one listened, and mostly none do now. It’s nice though that for a moment someone heard you from within. If when I’m gone there is one memory dear, to those I know and love, then I am glad I was here for a time, watching all the love. A smile, a hug a time eternal pause, is what this life is all about, no need for applause. In nature we remember sad things, may we learn to change our paths, and remember all the small wonders that made our heart to smile. Listening is a fine art, the only problem with listening , is when I listen correctly I can’t talk. Lets face it we all would rather talk than listen. If you ever get past that problem though you will discover that there are many others out there with some really special hearts, and that’s what you will listen for, not just words. Talking is everybody’s game the faster the better, lest someone else has something to say. As if what being said is really that important, but if it is all will shut up and listen.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/01/2011.

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