Love that will not let me go

Up to this point I have only alluded to a relationship with God. Today I will begin to try to share with you a little about my relationship. To begin with let me say that I refer to my God in the male form because I am a man It is natural for me, this does not in any way mean that you can’t refer to God and a female. I won’t mind and I doubt God will either. Truthfully God may be both or neither.

My life with God began as I have said earlier as a child, with my first encounter vaguely discernible by me, when I cried out at that little church. I was aware but quickly forgot on my way home. It was nearly five years later that I was once again faced with a traumatic time in my life and needed outside help. This time I was standing on the deck of a navy ship preparing myself for the morning when we would start to offload our entire squadron of helicopters and all the rest of what made us a unit. That night was the very first time that I faced and embraced death. It was it the predawn morning and all was very still except my heart and with a deep inner anguish I cried out inside myself for a help from the god that heard my prayer for my parents. Once again I was helped, total peace settled in on me and for the next thirteen months I found no concerns. Again not knowing about how it all worked I quickly forgot. The dead man lived on for another year when I was sent to Hawaii for duty. It was here that I began to actively seek for knowledge about God. A fellow marine we reading a book in the duty room one day and I was curious about the book. It was a great book for sci-fie, but It appealed to my intellect and made me curious about what the bible said. So it was for many years. One thing after another I experienced encounters with God. I’m not sure how much true influence the church thing had on me, but amidst everything there were always people who were different. These were the ones I wanted to be around all the time because you could tell there lives were not the same as the rest of the church. I all of this I began to remember when I called out to god with all that was in me, I was heard. That is how I found my shelter in a time of trouble, and now It is my hiding place. When I want to find peace which is all the time I go to my special place inside. Having a relationship with God doesn’t mean you don’t have difficulties it just mean you know who to take your troubles to, and you know you’ll receive help. A Peace that cannot possible be understood will flow over you and fill you with so much joy you won’t be able to contain it. In time the trust turns to knowledge and then there is more. God reveals his nature to us as we stumble along much like he did to some in the Old Testament or the bible. Or the Hebrew Bible if you prefer. I learned that God is my provider, by finding my self unable to provide for myself and seeing a the ways God met our needs. He reveled Himself as Healer when my daughter was found with a huge lump in the ex-rays and the cry went up from my heart and God heard . The lump was gone when we went back to the doctor, and several years of retesting has proven permanent . Perhaps the greatest revelation of all is the ever-present loving care I get in the relationship. Oh Love that will not let me go. No matter how much I have tried I have discovered that the love of God can not be diminished, and in no way can I leave that and go away. I can’t imagine life with out the love of God. Just coming into Gods presents no mater where I find it brings me to tears of joy. I cant wait to hear hes voice stir deeply inside of me . Kind of like Horton and the Who. There is no love on earth like Gods love so I really can’t tell you much that would make sense, but if asked specifically I would try. Enough for now.

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/16/2011.

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