The inverted life.

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He who would be the greatest among you must be the servant of all. The first will be last and last will be first.

The way up is down, he who climbs over the fence is a thief and a robber but he who comes through the gate is the good shepherd.

Let not a man think more highly of himself than he ought.

I know there are some that reject The Bible at least in part. But if you seak truth in the inner parts, you will look into your own literature of lifes examples. If not well you can’t fix stupid!

Just a few of the quotes from the Bible. I hope you noticed the stark difference between life today and the people you know and their attitude towards living and the one described here by the man on the cross yes I mean Christ ..

A contrast between dark and light and the difference between righteousness and unrighteousness.

Lastly Less is more, and it’s not that complicated.

It’s the heart of the matter.

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Now that’s the problem isn’t it? The heart is a very central part of our existence which we do not want to share with anybody. This is a problem because those feelings and sensation are the only place where we can both here and speak to god in truth.

You see you God chose this, as a very precious place some called the hiding place the secret life place were only I and he commune. This is talked about extensively in the book song of Solomon.

I suggest you read it. Oh! I forgot nobody reads the Bible today it’s mostly just lip service. Well! If you want help understanding life like I love you need to turn on the switch and start seeking after that what you really want and stop fiddling around with all the other crap.

So! It’s your choice.

Wake up

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Have you heard of a wake up call? Our society has been put to sleep, but with much todo about nothing.

How about wake up and smell the roses. We have become so busy being entertained and we can’t stop and appreciate all the life that God has given us the beauty of a flower stop and smell it.

And there’s wake up and die right. This phrase has to do with being man enough to take responsibilities for life facing the music for all those who love and protect are cared for and directed appropriately.

Back to our sleepy society, it is very odd to me but in the midst of all this entertainment and truly that’s all we have today how we can be so asleep. Perhaps our entertainment is a distraction with the intention Of keeping us so busy we actually fall asleep. This is reality in our society there is nothing except entertainment we work that we work so we can entertain ourselves or others. All of our devices TVs phones computers etc. at one purpose to keep information flowing into our heads and into our eyes as well as our years until we become overloaded and there’s no space for who we are and what life supposed to be.

It is impossible to hear a still small voice with all the wrangling and noise surrounding our life. People today cannot do anything unless there is a noise radio TV children traffic you name it, but the concept of peace and quiet being still and hearing the voice from the other world for me that would be the voice of God. Yes God does speak to us we just have to learn to listen.

Search for truth, life, and light.

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This morning in mediation and prayerI was talking to comforter asking about how he might help me with the relationship between myself my Lord and my wife. I have to say that when I started asking for help some time ago, I had a self centric vision of how this was all going to come about. This morning I was given a big insight as to how God might handle this issue.

Let me digress a little in the last month my poor wife hade to have a knee replacement surgery, not easy, very painful and taking a long time to recover. So I have been learning how todo all the things for her that i expected her to do for me. Well, Obviously I began to discover how I had life expectancy inverted.

Back to this morning , while sitting in my chart reading John chapter 19. I put down my Bible and began to turn my thoughts to what He might be saying to me. The Spirit said to me (The way, is not up it is down). I don’t know if you will get this but I did, for the last two plus years I have been being trained how to follow Love, Light, and Life in truth! Then to top it off my phone turned on Andrea Bocelli singing You’ll never walk alone. Of course I began to cry and give thanks to my Lord, worship is all I could do with all my heart.

Thank you for this revelation because I would never have chosen down, to find you.

My Child hear my voice

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As I sit here tonight I am overcome with the desire for my children to somehow hear m heart. I think every parent and every grandparent must have had this feeling. Somehow I want them to unlock the secret of communing with another in a deep and very special way, What I didn’t at first recognize was that My God and Christ was speaking to me. This is not new to me but to my chagrin I had ceased this communing a long while ago. You see I had fallen away, and started shaking other soloist for my soul, little did i understand that I was the (Soul). So without communion I slowly began to fade into I don’t know what.

Soooo! This, is a wake up for me. Here I am almost 75 years old and my Heavenly father is giving me a pep talk,But no a desire of his heart / I Long for you to hear my heart and just as important I want to hear your heart . God wants to hear my heart and me to hear his . Well, I for one will return to the foot of the cross and there I will leave my sacrifice on the altar of my heart.

Will you Join me?

Not by bread Alone but by every word out of the mouth of God.

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Would you consider this (QUOTE) with me for a moment? What if God didn’t speak the necessary word that caused us to have some protection from the rays of the sum. Or perhaps stoped the rain from dropping it’s dew? or food not to grow. Or let the consequences of our actions continue until there was a climactic implosion of our mental, physical, and emotional well being, you notice I don’t include spiritual condition. God could dry up all possibilities mentioned, by the holy spirit to those who listen. All Hope would be gone if any one of these happened.

If we remove God ( can’t be done) from this earth it wouldn’t be at all.

Is this the meaning even in part of what Christ meant.

It is incredible that we are not listening to the words of those that have gone before us and we don’t learn by what history has to teach us. If I read correctly the tools God users to warn us of impending judgment are as follows. Pestilence, War, and famine. Is that where we are or are heading, ?

Oh! I understand all you educated rebuffs, Medicine for instance couldn’t predict of control the pandemic we just encountered . The Astronomy can’t control what happened in the heavens above earth. Likewise engineers and scientists can’t stop earthquakes tornadoes , control floods or weather (predict much less have power over it. Just to mention a few of mans none power over Gods CREATION, caps to say there is evolution in Gods creation.

We humans are high minded arrogant and insolent in the face of the God of our creation, and his Son our Christ and Savior Lord of Heaven and Earth. He who paid the price will come again to put his enemies under his feet!

Gods Word is calling for Repentance. (to turn around).

America the beautiful

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There was a time not too long ago, that this (was) how the world saw this nation . We that is to say If we were to ask an avenge person on the street in another country, (with a few exceptions) you would receive the answer, the (promise) land that what it is. We could be free there, we could build a life for our family there, we would have hope. We stood for something the rest of the world wished to be a part Oh! They still want to come here but just to escape the horrors of their own country. No longer are we the refuge we once were.

Righteousness exalts a Nation, also a person, but not in their own eyes. This nation was once considered a righteous nation. This does not mean perfect just rightly related to those watching. Unfortunately we didn’t read the rest of the words,(but their ways of the wicked shall parish in there ways.) Wickedness is like a cancer and the process is identical, so it is with our relationship to God. Don’t misunderstand there was evil present always, but the majority of the nation desired to be in relationship with God. This is why God blessed the nation and might again, if we could return to our former state in Christ.

Just because we think we are the toughest on the block, doesn’t negate the cause and affect caused by unrighteous leadership, or those propagating improper reasoning that will deceive others to the end purpose which are in there heart. We are being warned on a daily bases by every aspect of life, Pandemic should wake us up, wars and senseless atrocities from many places in the world, the heavens above showing us signs. These are only the beginning. The story of Jonah should warn us anti did Nineveh. If this Nation doesn’t turn toward righteousness the end is clear.

Christ is still our savior and we need our Savior now. We can make a difference it we all that trust cry aloud, sound the trumpet, watchmen sound the alarm! This is affecting the entire planet not just The United States of America, We have a common purpose to unite us! Don’t you think its time torch out of help to the only One that can fix this ?

Judge or Repent

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Somehow in the scheme of things we have inverted everything life should be. Christ himself said ( I came not to Judge the world but to save it. Yet we seem unable to stop judging everything as if we are the final say in any matter. It is for us to Repent of not Judge, we are not omniscient only God is. It is impossible that we could judge righteously because we are just corruptible flesh. So your opinion is of no value, but the words you speak will one day judge you. If you Judge anything Judge this.This is a harsh reality, but we are not in charge. There is an escape from this reality but only in your mind. Just tell yourself there is no God. Or Just repent every time you judge stop and turn around. For by the judgement you use for others you will be Judged.

Ps Denying God is like Denying Oxygen, we can’t live without either one.

The fear Driven life!

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It has been my observation that a life which is driven by fear is constantly reaching to bring their life into control. I would call is controlled chaos. It appears to me That from the highest place of power that being the government all the way down to the street preacher and more, are capitalizing on circumstances of Covid weather and war.

In chaos (The center of the storm) one can’t see clearly, must try to stabilize themself, time to sit quietly and Wait, listen and enter into his peace. When it is quiet enough we are able to hear when he speaks. Then understanding is right there.

He has not given us the spirit of fear but of power of love and of a sound mind.

He is trustworthy!


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I found myself encompassed round about within and without by much much noise noisome distractions. So great was this tumultuous activity that I could not find any quiet anywhere. I was very disturbed and looked longingly to a quiet peaceful moment, then I became aware of a presence just outside the busy goings on. It was my Lord and Savior, he was patiently waiting for a quiet moment. With that awareness me heart moved me toward him, I became expectant and was found quickly in the peacefulness of his presence. All other activity ceased then I was made aware that he will always be there when I need. What a wonderful moment with a peek at his loving nature this has been.

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