Is this for someone else or me?

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Science has answers but, it isn’t The Answer!

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I believe the concept of science is grossly misunderstood. Science is the study of thing many things depending on what field we’re talking about, at the moment I’m thinking health healing Wellness. In truth it is the study of those things where buy theories are developed and studied overtime then propagated as fact. Well they’re not fact!

mind you very good and wonderful things have happened because of science and the science study goes on and we improve our theory every year.

all that being said people look to the healthcare world as the holy Grail for a healthy life I think they forgotten all the knowledge and get the products we’ve got came from God in the first place. If we wanna have true healing we have to learn to reach out and touch the heavens after all that is where God resides or perhaps that’s where he is or who he is too big for any of us ants to figure out.

as with many things human nature is the glam on to something, federal government healthcare system the perfect job provider to include religion and so on so we can depend on them and not on ourselves taking the responsibility of developing a relationship with God seems a total waste and certainly ludicrous to consider any of these to be the god of today.

I should hope that there’s many people out there with a greater understanding and a bigger desire and trusting other humans with eternity and eternity starts now so let’s trust it now.

He is the Great I Am. The holy gry of everything.

In regards to my post on death.

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In regards to my post on death.

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When talking about death I would be remiss if I didn’t bring to mind that there is a second death and that it would behoove all of us to find out how to avoid that second death.

Is this for someone else or me?

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I was recently talking to some friends of mine and then certain thing popped out of my mouth I had to do with some things God was talking to me about. Particular things aren’t that important because the issues where the responses when it was heard by others.

One of my friends are particular said oh wow I know just the guy that can use that it’s real beneficial to him can I use it? And another said something similar with my sister really need this information it would benefit her so much.

At face value none of the statements is incorrect the hearts were right the desire was right looking to help others is a wonderful thing there’s just one problem.

When God delivers a word to his people individually or collectively 99% of the time the word is for the speaker or the Hearer and not for someone outside of the circle.

It’s easy to deflect truth to another person or someone else’s needs and completely missed the fact that were the ones in need of it as my desires is for us it’s not for them it might be for them later you might share it with him later but at the moment as for us.

Don’t miss out on gods revelation for you because your concern more for others the truth is if you’re not right if God doesn’t do the work and you all the work you’re doing is wasted breath.

When God speaks he’s interested in you never lose sight of this because it’s very important to him.

Death is not an end. It is a path!

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Like most of us fear is misunderstood. We must discover and acknowledge then make a friend with it. Only then can we find the hidden treasure, a path that will bring us a new awareness of the treasure we seek.

Turn it loose for you are fighting God. Then you will stop being shaken up. When the dust settles you can once again see.

Now for my take on Independence Day.

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For me Independence Day is not a day it’s a way of life.

You see after many years of living I have discovered I have been in bondage to many things which I had no control over.

Until I met the lover of my soul my Christ my savior my hope all. Tell me if you call him Jesus calling Brown some refer to the Holy Spirit all of you are true. Once I was confronted by him and found my need and asked him to take charge of my life and to forgive my sins and my way of walking.

I was washed I was forgiven I was cleansed I was given hope and the promise I could never be taken away this is freedom freedom from Sin And the demands of a walk in darkness which hold you in bondage we’re all gone now I am free to choose.

And I choose him because there is no other freedom.

Independence Day yep Fourth of July.

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I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that this celebration was about no longer being under the bondage of British rule and being able to rule our own nation our own way but we call freedom. Or independence!

As life in is great country has moved along it seems the concept of independence is shifting from just freedom from oppression of other countries a little more now to freedom of oppression from our own country. Who are the aggressor’s now!

There are many possibilities if you look carefully there are many aggressors people who wanna possess you run your life take away your liberties.

In all of this there seems to me one grave danger and that danger is are we rebelling are we ready to fight? The question is who are we rebelling against man or God? One must be careful because you never know what God has sent to teach us a lesson and if we are fighting against that we’re fighting against God and trust me you can’t win.

So with that in mind happy Independence Day may we find independence the appropriate independence for our life.

It’s not about me telling you what to do. It’s about each person doing their part there by fulfilling God’s purpose in our lives as a couple and families.

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There is a divine order to everything in God‘s Kingdom and the family is no different it’s up to you to discover your place in your family.

If you let your preconceived idea guide you you’ll never discover the truth. You’ve developed your own philosophies and how I should be take only a quick study to find out that you are in rebellion against God.

If that statement Offend you it’s only proof of your guilt but you have to study that I am not your judge god is do you want success in relationships then you have to find out what God wants you to do is keep one together.

The rest is up to you!

You can’t say I believe in Christ and that’s it. Devil’s believe in him and tremble.

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Believe Him what he says, know him believe in what you know of him. He said , why do you call me Lord but don’t do the things I say ,Come on people pay attention. In him there is no doubt, just trust. He is what he has told you!

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