Mirror mirrors on the wall!

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Jeremiah ch. 18:11 (12)

Thus says the Lord.

His story is full of word pictures about how to live and how to get help when we choose incorrectly. And much much m

It is your story as well.

Attention, pastors and other spiritual leaders everywhere.

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This is just for you! I know it’s been a while, because I like to have been there. But you need to read your Bible. The list is short but here it is. Begin with Jeremiah chapter 2 verse eight chapter 3 verse 15 chapter 10, verse 21, chapter 12, verse 10, chapter 22, verse 22, chapter 23, verse one, chapter 23 verse 2. Thus sayers the Lord.

Have you black listed the Bible?

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Don’t Jones about everything you heard from all the organized religion.

Simply put it is his story. God giving us his story.

Experience a dream

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Where your temple is you, are there!

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Are you the temple of God.

They will know for his pillar of cloud are fire go with you.

If you want to know why you don’t here’s Gods voice .

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It’s because you don’t obey when he speaks.

Remember the last time he spoke? Obey that and you will here again.

Your Tongue direct your path!

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The tongue is a very small member of our body Yet it is a very powerful member, much like the rubber of the ship they both can guide and direct and maintain our way of direction, and affect the direction or The paths of Others.

When God said, let there be light, Etc. light was created along with all the other creation it happened. Inherent in man this Creative expression exist as well.

It takes me back to the Tongue Which in the case of humans has all manner of speaking Both light and darkness and many more wild and obscure concepts.

If we use this vessel, that is to say the tongue in a negative fashion Aimed at others, we create paths that are crooked and twisted and dark and we make ways which are windy and crooked end. Just as truly, we can speak very positive words was great intentions and purpose in line, desiring to help others on their way to find a path suitable for them.

All the above comes with human understanding, or as I like to say, human light, which is very dim in contrast to God’s light. If we are connected to God enough for him to speak through us, we will have the appropriate gift and plenty others to the source. It can actually permanently help them, moving them to the destinations, which they were created. God’s ways and God’s paths without his help we cannot help.

Upside down logic

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To most of us we make statements like I need to get my faith back! really how do you expect to do that? It’s truly not in your hands. God gave us a measure of faith that is to every man that he might believe. He also said that Faith is a substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen and the evidence of things not seen.

Some more of our great logic is I have to trust the Lord more! I don’t read my Bible enough and I need to pray.

I won’t go on about this except to say two things.

Faith is a free gift of God, you don’t earn it you can’t buy it you can’t steal it and you can’t borrow it. You don’t have to it’s a free gift! Trust on the other hand is earned that is to say Something totally strange to you now, God is working really hard to prove to you that you can trust him!

Now I just heard all the arguments coming from the Darkside your head your heart your desires your emotions. With a little help from a lot of demons.

Faith is a gift really given you have to receive it. Trust just pay attention and you will see that he is doing his dead level best to put you in his ways and on his pads.

Glory to God in the highest!

Twisted thinking. Iniquity!

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This post is for those of you who believe the New Testament of the Bible is the only part that applies to them. I would have you read Isaiah chapter 42 verse 21 through 25.


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You are not America, you are simply The United States (of America) America is much larger than you heart!

If you, the leaders of these Unites States have the courage of your forefathers then I give you what God says to you this very time in history. READ Isaiah chapter 10 and if you care, more. Yes it’s a book you don’t believe, it is for this reason you should.

The plight of the politicians, but (As go the leaders so go the nation. Think and read it until you get it

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