Fallow ground

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I find quite a few misconceptions in regards to the meaning of fallow when preachers try to relate it to the human soul. This is usually done from the scripture “break up your fallow ground”. Now I won’t go into the normal reference now but I am sure you can locate a message on-line.

Fallow ground, is the making ready the land without planting during the growing season. This is done to destroy weeds and  retain moisture giving the land a period of rest and restoration in order to be able to restore nutrients and health to the soil without which the soil would become useless.

There are times when people and even nations need to allow the ground of society or self to become fallow in order to allow for future use by other generations . We as individuals need this healing as well, somehow i think God takes care to ensure our health in these matters. There are times we find ourselves for one reason or another to continue on the normal path. We just don’t have the strength or the inclination to continue. REST!

Lets be aware of misused words and make sure we don’t just make things up to suit our own purposes.


Give us wisdom to know

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As the Spiritual leadership go, so goes the nation. Just as these United states of America have lost the respect, trust and love of others in our country and the world around, so the church has lost the purpose direction and guidance necessary to bring us to a positive direction. We choose to look and behave like hollywood, entertaining and counseling our members with words that they want to hear.

But no one is listening or speaking what God has to say to us. Oh! granted there are plenty of words and hype. ( The Letter kills but the spirit brings life) You call it.

It isn’t a game it is life’s preparation for a world after this one. Are we really here to help or just go on with the same shit that the ones before us spoke about.

I cry to think that there is no heart after the heart of God. As David of old, or others not so long ago spent there every breathing life for one thing. To hear the spirit of God breathing life into the hearts of men. After all it is said it is these he sent his son to die for. All men should hope to hear this music at least once in their time ,here on our earth.

Instead we defend our position, never thinking for a minute that there might be something that they don’t know.

Oh! That Good would once again raise up the standard, and push back the enemies of our heart. For it is the heart over which the battle is over.

Speak oh God and I will listen

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Im my previous blog post I spoke of God not speaking .

I think I need to clarify what it was I meant by God speaking, or not speaking. When most people make a reference to Gods work or God speaking. The first move we take is a quote from the book. True this is Gods word to some, but to those outside the religious world it is the same rhetoric they hear from the people nocking on there door. Those who accost us on the street are pretty much the same. Then there is the TV preacher. yuck ! Come on, doesn’t anyone have something fresh and real that doesn’t sound like sickly sweet words that really have no real purpose.

Having said that I want to say this. God speaks living works to his servants, friends, and family. When his words are spoken by him, it is always creative to all who hear. The purpose of these words, is to reveal to whomever, a really wonderful relationship available to all who would seek.

Today we need true words deposited in the hearts of those who need to guide and care for his people.

I could go on but I hope you get it. Quotes from the bible don’t give life then kill. The book is for you to read and learn not for spouting your stuff.




The Voice

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When society refuses to here God messages, it gets very quiet. Because no one wants to here what God is saying, God stops speaking.

This is a scary time for a people!


These United States of America

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America, what have we done to you?

Some time ago you stood for something that everyone on earth envied, some because they didn’t have a prayer of living like this and some because they wanted to destroy everything you stood for.

Do we remember what we once stood for?

We believed in things like respect for authority and we would always refer to the President of the United states as Mr. President or President (SMITH) and not because he was so perfect in all his ways, far from it. It was because we had respect for the highest office of the land. This is a reflection of our country, government and ourselves. So perhaps we have no self-respect.

Respect reaches every area of society, police, teachers, firemen, emergency responders, ministers and parents. If we look close at just this one thing, we will see that as a nation we have dropped the ball on keeping our society stable and able to forge ahead with reason instead of emotion.

When things changed for us we were so busy trying to stop a war that we forgot that there were politicians sneaking about passing laws which robed us of our power and lined the pockets of those we call public servants.

Look around; how many public SERVANTS do you know? We’ll post them on Facebook, so we can put them in office. LOL.

We don’t really have a say, because we are a society of people looked upon as less than ——! We are treated like mushrooms ( keep us in the dark and feed us manure ).

We need to take responsibility as American Citizens again. Pay attention to our Government officials, give them respect but demand that they actually are representing us and not the big paycheck or themselves. It is time we took a good look at what we are supposed to be doing and not becoming the next socialist state instead of just letting the government take care of everything. It’s that mindset that brought about the fall of many of societies in history and we won’t be the exception. Many times in history the most powerful nations in the world came crashing down.

We use to be a nation that others wanted to come to, because we offered a place where you could worship in any fashion you chose and no one was allowed to make you change. Mutual respect for each other’s beliefs whether we agreed or not doesn’t matter, since we were all equal in this FREEDOM.

WE have been remiss in allowing the news media to abuse freedom of the press. When they stopped being true reporters and became hollywood stars in their own right propagating what ever political or philosophic slant that they represented they became part of the problem. Truth in news is gone and today we allow them to produce hype and it’s just another political tool to slowly pry some part of the Constitution out of the lives of the citizens of these United States.

The truth is that it is unfortunate that we probably don’t even know the truth anymore due to the ever bombarding government media and philosophic leadership, but perhaps even more so our laziness. As citizens it is our place to be involved in correcting the errant ways of leadership and this is why a voting system was created. So, maybe we should get it back.

The governing body is elected not to rule us, but to represent us so our voices are heard and that our votes counts. We never anticipated that some slick way of juggling the numbers or loading the dice in the candidates favor would be the status quo. Our representatives should be paid for their service and be terminated when they don’t do their job. None of them are worth all the money they get, especially not having a set for life retirement and health plan. I don’t know about you, but I did not vote to give these guys all these benefits. There is a better way to run a government,  By the people, of the people and for the people. All the people not just the elected officials.

More to say


Scary Tymes?

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Fear and Foolishness are cousins. One lives in the heart of men, women and children and the other is rampant in the governing body of our country.

When I was a young man, we did not live in fear. We did prepare for what caused fear and when and if it came our way we faced it. The mindset was to overcome or die trying. This doesn’t seem to be the case today. We hire others to deal with the fear factor in our life. Unfortunately, the character of these people is flawed and not by their shortcomings, but by the fact the are not the ones given the responsibility for caring for our loved ones, we are. This is the common denominator of the personal and public defense issue. Men with old school values believed with their whole being that there is a power on their side to help overcome all things (GOD). You may call that what you will, but if you take it out of the equation then you become like every other nation and  start asking for a king (President) or the like.

In 68 years of life the only failure in the man/God equation is me. That will always be true, however when I screw up, God is covering my ass. So, it is also true of nations. I am only responsible for my own relationship with God and the rest is in the individual’s corner. Be advised, God is not a religion or any other human expression, but he will come to men who want him wherever they may be found and trust me he takes care of his own.

It has been stated that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I say there is nothing worth fearing, except God not present with his people. I don’t walk with an image. I walk with a person.



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It seems very odd to me how Americans, after only a short history as a nation have taken the path to use any means possible to prove the nonexistence of God. Since the beginning of time man both primitive and evolved, Have spent an extreme amount of energy seeking and imagining God, making God into all kinds of physical expressions. Ranging from the cow, dragon, the sun, or pretty much what ever there minds and hearts could conjure up. It would seem that based on todays actions of man, the more we evolve the less we need a god, much less want one. Quite a contrast I would say.

Today, it seems that we will use Science to prove every aspect of the bible that is possible, as well as imagined possibilities, in order to disprove any aspect of religion we can. It seems we have forgotten the enormous amount of geological and geographic discoveries have been made and proven to be exact,  come from the Bible. Man is using all his intellectual capabilities to prove or perhaps disprove God exists. Interesting enough though is that science has its idiosyncracies, and flaws causing at time calculations and changes in results.

Let us consider this for a moment. The concept of human rational be it, religious, scientific, or philosophic, proceed from a lesser illumination being that it is initiated and expressed purely by the human understanding. Based on just that, I would say most people will be satisfied. There is always that flaw that keeps showing up and requiring us to adjust the truth.

Our courts as well as our scholars and artists all want to proclaim truth as they see it. Again all from the evolved human understanding. “Illumination” Light?

There are many types of Illumination in our existence that we each recognize quite readily, natural light , night-light, imitation light and so on.

There is another Illumination which most of us know nothing about. That being for lack of proper ways to express it. “Spiritual, or Eternal light.(Illumination)

There is a place in writing where a certain teacher told many in the day, I am the way, the truth and the life. No one without spiritual light could possibly understand this. No one did. He also declared himself the Light of the world. Again no one understood then, and many don’t today.

There is a light and illumination, a communication. an experience, and Revelation, That can not be expressed in earthly terms, it can’t be understood by earthly scholars, judges, scientists or philosophers. For that matter by any human in existence .

This can only be given to each of us on a level that only God can give, and when (he, she, or?) does reveal something to us there will never be anything on earth to compare it to.

All that being said there isn’t anyone with enough light to even give an argument.

Perhaps this is why so many spoke in parables then and now. This light is a gift of life that God gives us but only a little at a time, lest we die from its intensity.

Are you satisfied with earthly explanations?

Is God made in your image?

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Just think what kind of god it would be if your image of god was actually God. Weak, unsure, related to everything on a human level. Operated with our understanding. Well you can go from here I will give you that much credit for thinking anyway. Wow what a mess god would be. Ok lets not be ridiculous.

Relationship – Love ?

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At first glance, I have to ask what do these two words have in common?

For one, they both require a choice.To have either you must choose to be in relationship, and love is about choice as well.

Many years ago while stationed onboard ship, I began a quest. That being to discover the all allusive definition of love. Not just the pat answers one gets from friends and acquaintances, or read in a book like Corinthians 13 in the bible. No I needed something not quite so ethereal. Though the definition of ethereal seems to catch a glimpse of what it feels like.

The quest mentioned above started in 1973, and it is still in the works. which brings me to the other word in the title. These two words are very closely related to each other, at least to me because I began the search for how to develop a relationship with a God. Who by the way seems to lean on this ethereal word just as comfortably as does the word love.

Today I am again confronted with the concept of Love in a relationship in my marriage. Most of the time now my conversations about this subject are with myself, though God seems to find a way of enlightening me as I go. I will answer the question that is obviously present here, Yes! I did discover that God only seems allusive, consequently over the many, many years of choosing my path, I discovered that I was in both Love and Relationship with God.

Let me say that I have been asked a number of times throughout my life, “Do you love me” but then closely behind that ” Are you in love with me”? For me these are both searching questions, for myself as well as the one asking. I suppose one could just say yes or no, and be on our way, but to me it just not that simple.

You see there has only been one relationship I’ve been in where I could actually say that I am in love with you. That being With God. So have suggested that I am in love with the idea of God. I find that to be ridiculous, for it is impossible for someone who has no relationship with God to expound on there intellectual not so educated philosophy, as god is not in either of them. What is my experience just is. It is mine and I can’t give it to anyone else because, as with all Love/Relationships, they are personal which is how it is suppose to be. The makes it precious and carefully protected deep within the seat of Love. There is a great deal more to be said about this but perhaps you can discover you own quest.

All of that being said, When we are concerned about our relationship. Consider how much time and effort was expended in developing the relationship with God, then ask your self if you have actually given yourself to the task of developing a relationship with your significant other.

Another thing that I became aware of, is that God had been loving me from the beginning, Sad to say that it me a number of years tumble to the reality that I loved God . Then a number of years after that to find myself, in love with God.

I will leave with this last thought. It is possible to discover God, fall in love with God, and learn to hear God when you are supposed to.

Head and Heart

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I recently had a conversation with my counselor during which he told me that I was obviously a deep thinker. Having spent several months examining myself, I have come to the conclusion, that what ever I maybe I only hope that in the end of this life, I will be remembered as a deep feeler instead of a deep thinker. I want to feel you not, understand you. Both though would be lovely.

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