What do you see?

I see through glass darkly, As it were there stands a vail before me. I can not pass through.

That Vail is our flesh, we are carnal and no flesh can’t enter the holy of holies . Which is to say his presence. However his presence can permeate our life and our world and when it does our eyes are open ears are open our hearts are out and life as we’ve never known it begins.

Do you understand that our world is inverted what I mean is God‘s ways and our ways , are in opposition to one another. It is impossible for our brain to fathom even the smallest concept of God Christ or heaven let alone hell. By his spirit he can enlighten us sometimes I call revelation, to us that’s huge . One thing for certain the input I have here on this earth can’t touch the glory and wonder of his world, so high, chase the truth and face the truth will you?

Once God has reached across his veil, we can begin to see, and then perhaps grasp. We will never really understand on this side.

BUT Oh! What a vision!

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/17/2023.

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