Don’t believe in God?

Human kind has outgrown the need for god. So they think, we are our own god we can do anything. Right?

Today, if we get desperate, we begin to screw around with the Internet talk to her friend read every piece of literature. We can get our hands on to find a way we can fix ourselves.

They’re coming a time or is it right now? Where our godly images of our self will fail. I have discovered when we get desperate enough. We will call on God. It is a pity tho, because for many god will say depart from me I never new you!

I challenge you no Not I, but God damn with you learn of me seek me ask of me or importantly, when you know to do right do it. Then when you ask, I will hear you.

(If your cry for help becomes unbearable seated deadly inside yourself.Start the call plead mercy. And forgiveness.)

~ by spiritualhypster on 03/05/2023.

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