Your Tongue direct your path!

The tongue is a very small member of our body Yet it is a very powerful member, much like the rubber of the ship they both can guide and direct and maintain our way of direction, and affect the direction or The paths of Others.

When God said, let there be light, Etc. light was created along with all the other creation it happened. Inherent in man this Creative expression exist as well.

It takes me back to the Tongue Which in the case of humans has all manner of speaking Both light and darkness and many more wild and obscure concepts.

If we use this vessel, that is to say the tongue in a negative fashion Aimed at others, we create paths that are crooked and twisted and dark and we make ways which are windy and crooked end. Just as truly, we can speak very positive words was great intentions and purpose in line, desiring to help others on their way to find a path suitable for them.

All the above comes with human understanding, or as I like to say, human light, which is very dim in contrast to God’s light. If we are connected to God enough for him to speak through us, we will have the appropriate gift and plenty others to the source. It can actually permanently help them, moving them to the destinations, which they were created. God’s ways and God’s paths without his help we cannot help.

~ by spiritualhypster on 02/21/2023.

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