He speaks

Did you ever wonder why you don’t hear when God speaks? Perhaps you should take the time to search to see what it is it has your ears plugged up but he doesn’t speak to your ears and speaks to your spirit or if you prefer your heart. There’s a few scriptures in the Bible that speak of God being the one who closes your ears and close your eyes so you cannot hear you cannot see. Are you one of these the same Bible gives an answer to the questions I just asked but I’m not going to do your foot work you should do your foot work. Whatever it is you have perhaps it’s not a personal relationship with God. Many of us have been given false image of God I love the relationship it’s like the way we live today we don’t take responsibility for our life for our actions, or for meeting God on a personal level which is what he intended to happen every single one of us From the beginning of time.

Yes I’m speaking to you just as I have been spoken to Jonah it’s time to wake up and pay attention to what God has been trying to tell us but our ears are full of BS.

~ by spiritualhypster on 12/25/2022.

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