Science has answers but, it isn’t The Answer!

I believe the concept of science is grossly misunderstood. Science is the study of thing many things depending on what field we’re talking about, at the moment I’m thinking health healing Wellness. In truth it is the study of those things where buy theories are developed and studied overtime then propagated as fact. Well they’re not fact!

mind you very good and wonderful things have happened because of science and the science study goes on and we improve our theory every year.

all that being said people look to the healthcare world as the holy Grail for a healthy life I think they forgotten all the knowledge and get the products we’ve got came from God in the first place. If we wanna have true healing we have to learn to reach out and touch the heavens after all that is where God resides or perhaps that’s where he is or who he is too big for any of us ants to figure out.

as with many things human nature is the glam on to something, federal government healthcare system the perfect job provider to include religion and so on so we can depend on them and not on ourselves taking the responsibility of developing a relationship with God seems a total waste and certainly ludicrous to consider any of these to be the god of today.

I should hope that there’s many people out there with a greater understanding and a bigger desire and trusting other humans with eternity and eternity starts now so let’s trust it now.

He is the Great I Am. The holy gry of everything.

~ by spiritualhypster on 07/22/2022.

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