Is this for someone else or me?

I was recently talking to some friends of mine and then certain thing popped out of my mouth I had to do with some things God was talking to me about. Particular things aren’t that important because the issues where the responses when it was heard by others.

One of my friends are particular said oh wow I know just the guy that can use that it’s real beneficial to him can I use it? And another said something similar with my sister really need this information it would benefit her so much.

At face value none of the statements is incorrect the hearts were right the desire was right looking to help others is a wonderful thing there’s just one problem.

When God delivers a word to his people individually or collectively 99% of the time the word is for the speaker or the Hearer and not for someone outside of the circle.

It’s easy to deflect truth to another person or someone else’s needs and completely missed the fact that were the ones in need of it as my desires is for us it’s not for them it might be for them later you might share it with him later but at the moment as for us.

Don’t miss out on gods revelation for you because your concern more for others the truth is if you’re not right if God doesn’t do the work and you all the work you’re doing is wasted breath.

When God speaks he’s interested in you never lose sight of this because it’s very important to him.

~ by spiritualhypster on 07/15/2022.

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