Now for my take on Independence Day.

For me Independence Day is not a day it’s a way of life.

You see after many years of living I have discovered I have been in bondage to many things which I had no control over.

Until I met the lover of my soul my Christ my savior my hope all. Tell me if you call him Jesus calling Brown some refer to the Holy Spirit all of you are true. Once I was confronted by him and found my need and asked him to take charge of my life and to forgive my sins and my way of walking.

I was washed I was forgiven I was cleansed I was given hope and the promise I could never be taken away this is freedom freedom from Sin And the demands of a walk in darkness which hold you in bondage we’re all gone now I am free to choose.

And I choose him because there is no other freedom.

~ by spiritualhypster on 07/06/2022.

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