Independence Day yep Fourth of July.

I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that this celebration was about no longer being under the bondage of British rule and being able to rule our own nation our own way but we call freedom. Or independence!

As life in is great country has moved along it seems the concept of independence is shifting from just freedom from oppression of other countries a little more now to freedom of oppression from our own country. Who are the aggressor’s now!

There are many possibilities if you look carefully there are many aggressors people who wanna possess you run your life take away your liberties.

In all of this there seems to me one grave danger and that danger is are we rebelling are we ready to fight? The question is who are we rebelling against man or God? One must be careful because you never know what God has sent to teach us a lesson and if we are fighting against that we’re fighting against God and trust me you can’t win.

So with that in mind happy Independence Day may we find independence the appropriate independence for our life.

~ by spiritualhypster on 07/03/2022.

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