Break up your fallow ground.

Fallow ground is ground thst has been left unattended for a very long time.

The place we referred to as the heart is a prime candidate for unattended land or ground if you prefer.

It may be the whole heart or it may be just part of it.

The concept of breaking up That ground is the turning over of soil in exposing roots of things that I’ve grown there so he sun might bake them Allowing them to decompose and add nutrients back into the soil.

After this period of time we add things to the soil which will improve its nutrients strengthen it it can support something that needs to grow their last restoring the soil and had been so depleted and forgotten all these years.

Have you left your ground unattended perhaps it’s time to wake it for things need to grow there for us to grow with them and life begins to bloom and we can share our life and others will be in Riched by what is produced there.

~ by spiritualhypster on 06/25/2022.

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