We are a driven society!

For instance, we are all driven to succeed. I’ll let you determine what successes is. Then, we are determined that our children succeed driving them with the help of the schools of course it seems the educational system and the public Authorities seemed hell-bent on making people driven after all they do pay the taxes.

We are driven to look are very best at all times we must have the finest automobile and the biggest house and everybody must be invited to see it. In it self Not a horrible thing something we should allreach for. With a great big butt! The whole nation can’t be doing this together at the same time without chaos and chaos leads us to extreme competitions and some cases violence.

Now I can go on forever but I’m not going to because my point is this ,God Didn’t create a driven people he created sheep I don’t mean to four footed sheep sheep in the form of human beans why are you say sheep sheep can be lead they never driven at least I don’t think they are I never drove my shit I left for the example they walk behind me carefully we went off they found the water I found the ground and we were all perfectly happy

This is the err of our humanity and if we look closely we will find it a country or at least the people in it have decided to follow after The god of higher learning and cthe humidity government is leading them but they’re not following.

We are all like sheep are gone astray!

~ by spiritualhypster on 06/11/2022.

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