Moloch, Baal.

These are the false gods of old. Israel was supposed to tear down and destroy utterly all the inhabitants Of the land especially the worship and high places of both these false gods.

This utter distruction was not complete that’s why we have problems even today was such things fact we have problems with exactly the same thing in our face.

Moloch When referred to in the Old Testament two words one meaning twisted the other one crooked. He was also the god of fire on which the people of the land what offer their children as a sacrifice to appease him in the leader ship would pay them for their children and they would burn into this God. A little imagination Should put you in very much the same stead of sending our children to wars we don’t belong in and having them killed uses target or the enemy so that our leader ship could get paid by somebody for the dirty deeds.

Ba-al this guy simply meant Lord Or owner possessor of all.

I little study of these two will show that their whole scheme was to create confusion anxiety anger fear murderous hearts . Much like all the noise we have in her society this day we we cannot sit still without having all this noise all these things going on electrically all the information provided is to us over the Internet is this a problem you tell me.

I write this to inform you that you might know what could be coming your way. Shall we attend more concerts?

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/24/2022.

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