We are all slaves to something.

What are you a slave to? I know this is an odd phrase considering the I’m out space of energy being put into correcting the treatment of slaves in our home country and another’s . I say we are all slaves in some form or other some of us to ideology ,, and some of the politics others to religion some perverse activity others to gambling and drink some drugs.

In today’s world men and women seek many ways to escape the slavery it is unfortunate that most of these ways are only temporary best. And I have found there is one place the place related heart. “That would be make me a love slave Lord. In The old times when slaves were owned by many in cases were slaves were given a choice of freedom they refused the freedom because they love their master and elected to be a love slave. I choose to be a loving slave of Christ. There is nothing better or kinder or more caring than my Lord

I have come to my Lord the love of my life many many time to save me from the slavery I have been kept captive in and how I got there I want a dress here but what I will address is it in every case God has released me from that slavery never to be bothered by it again in my entire life. So in light of that information if I’m going to be a slave of anything let me choose him!

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/16/2022.

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