Being spiritual or religious is not following Christ! He is none of those things.

We humans have adopted a habit of putting things on, a style a look or perhaps a Persona. We like to belong to social organizations, or politics such as let’s be a Republican or let’s be a Democrat or let’s be a fascist or let’s be a socialist. Then there’s the religious element of life we, should be Catholic, we should be protestant and So on you get the picture.

I recently had an encounter with a sales person who said to me I see that you are religious. I had to stop him because I am not religious. And I’m not Spiritual either. Because in truth both are like the social organization it’s some thing we put on so that we appear to be something that we are not or that we are like all the others who say they are religious or spiritual.

I would like to point out that God the father Christ the son and the Holy Spirit are none of these things. And the closer we look we’ll find they are everything else. He is all truth within and truth without. In the persons of God there’s no shadow or turning no darkness at all, things are light in truth nothing hidden. And God’s kingdom there is no compromise.

The person of God has always introduced himself as I AM! Enough said.

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/08/2022.

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