No respecter of persons

I don’t quote the Bible very much but in this case I think it to be apropos.i n the book of acts chapter 10 verse 34 , These are the words of Peter you’ll have to read it but it will solidify the statement .

It appears to me that throughout history man of all sorts of persecuted persons or groups of persons that didn’t fit the mold of their head perhaps I should say mind. Peter indicate That that that is not true.

I myself I have encountered many persons and different walks of life who’s heart mind and spirit Attest to this truth. Christ spoke to the apostles and said I did not come that you might judge but that you might repent. I think this is a far cry from what we as humans have demonstrated.

God has sent to us a message that it rains on the just and the unjust alike. This is a pretty good indication but there’s no respecter of persons regarding what comes to humanit’s. To put this in perspective think in terms of gods instruction demand by using pestilence disease and armies to instruct them in the ways of righteousness. When he sends a disease he sends it to the whole world when he San’s family he sent his family to everyone. I will leave you to consider this and try to put it in perspective in regards to how you relate to various people in various religions or people with no religions at all.

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/07/2022.

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