In his infinite wisdom

God in his infinite wisdom chooses to pluck certain vessels out of the Brands of the fire for what reason we cannot see but you can bet it was for a wonderful reason. I have experience this and I have seen it in others but that would take too many words.

Perhaps you are one of these plucked from the brands, it is a destiny that you cannot run from so if you’re going the wrong direction turn around, they call that repentance. Now pursue the love of your life and the purpose he has for you?

I hear the naysayers, they are voicing their humanistic cry what about the others. In answer to this, number one you have no concept of God. number two it isn’t any of your business, but God has a plan to restore all things unto himself. And how he does that is his business.

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/04/2022.

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