Wake up

Have you heard of a wake up call? Our society has been put to sleep, but with much todo about nothing.

How about wake up and smell the roses. We have become so busy being entertained and we can’t stop and appreciate all the life that God has given us the beauty of a flower stop and smell it.

And there’s wake up and die right. This phrase has to do with being man enough to take responsibilities for life facing the music for all those who love and protect are cared for and directed appropriately.

Back to our sleepy society, it is very odd to me but in the midst of all this entertainment and truly that’s all we have today how we can be so asleep. Perhaps our entertainment is a distraction with the intention Of keeping us so busy we actually fall asleep. This is reality in our society there is nothing except entertainment we work that we work so we can entertain ourselves or others. All of our devices TVs phones computers etc. at one purpose to keep information flowing into our heads and into our eyes as well as our years until we become overloaded and there’s no space for who we are and what life supposed to be.

It is impossible to hear a still small voice with all the wrangling and noise surrounding our life. People today cannot do anything unless there is a noise radio TV children traffic you name it, but the concept of peace and quiet being still and hearing the voice from the other world for me that would be the voice of God. Yes God does speak to us we just have to learn to listen.

~ by spiritualhypster on 05/01/2022.

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