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This morning in mediation and prayerI was talking to comforter asking about how he might help me with the relationship between myself my Lord and my wife. I have to say that when I started asking for help some time ago, I had a self centric vision of how this was all going to come about. This morning I was given a big insight as to how God might handle this issue.

Let me digress a little in the last month my poor wife hade to have a knee replacement surgery, not easy, very painful and taking a long time to recover. So I have been learning how todo all the things for her that i expected her to do for me. Well, Obviously I began to discover how I had life expectancy inverted.

Back to this morning , while sitting in my chart reading John chapter 19. I put down my Bible and began to turn my thoughts to what He might be saying to me. The Spirit said to me (The way, is not up it is down). I don’t know if you will get this but I did, for the last two plus years I have been being trained how to follow Love, Light, and Life in truth! Then to top it off my phone turned on Andrea Bocelli singing You’ll never walk alone. Of course I began to cry and give thanks to my Lord, worship is all I could do with all my heart.

Thank you for this revelation because I would never have chosen down, to find you.

~ by spiritualhypster on 04/30/2022.

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