My Child hear my voice

As I sit here tonight I am overcome with the desire for my children to somehow hear m heart. I think every parent and every grandparent must have had this feeling. Somehow I want them to unlock the secret of communing with another in a deep and very special way, What I didn’t at first recognize was that My God and Christ was speaking to me. This is not new to me but to my chagrin I had ceased this communing a long while ago. You see I had fallen away, and started shaking other soloist for my soul, little did i understand that I was the (Soul). So without communion I slowly began to fade into I don’t know what.

Soooo! This, is a wake up for me. Here I am almost 75 years old and my Heavenly father is giving me a pep talk,But no a desire of his heart / I Long for you to hear my heart and just as important I want to hear your heart . God wants to hear my heart and me to hear his . Well, I for one will return to the foot of the cross and there I will leave my sacrifice on the altar of my heart.

Will you Join me?

~ by spiritualhypster on 04/27/2022.

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