Not by bread Alone but by every word out of the mouth of God.

Would you consider this (QUOTE) with me for a moment? What if God didn’t speak the necessary word that caused us to have some protection from the rays of the sum. Or perhaps stoped the rain from dropping it’s dew? or food not to grow. Or let the consequences of our actions continue until there was a climactic implosion of our mental, physical, and emotional well being, you notice I don’t include spiritual condition. God could dry up all possibilities mentioned, by the holy spirit to those who listen. All Hope would be gone if any one of these happened.

If we remove God ( can’t be done) from this earth it wouldn’t be at all.

Is this the meaning even in part of what Christ meant.

It is incredible that we are not listening to the words of those that have gone before us and we don’t learn by what history has to teach us. If I read correctly the tools God users to warn us of impending judgment are as follows. Pestilence, War, and famine. Is that where we are or are heading, ?

Oh! I understand all you educated rebuffs, Medicine for instance couldn’t predict of control the pandemic we just encountered . The Astronomy can’t control what happened in the heavens above earth. Likewise engineers and scientists can’t stop earthquakes tornadoes , control floods or weather (predict much less have power over it. Just to mention a few of mans none power over Gods CREATION, caps to say there is evolution in Gods creation.

We humans are high minded arrogant and insolent in the face of the God of our creation, and his Son our Christ and Savior Lord of Heaven and Earth. He who paid the price will come again to put his enemies under his feet!

Gods Word is calling for Repentance. (to turn around).

~ by spiritualhypster on 04/20/2022.

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