America the beautiful

There was a time not too long ago, that this (was) how the world saw this nation . We that is to say If we were to ask an avenge person on the street in another country, (with a few exceptions) you would receive the answer, the (promise) land that what it is. We could be free there, we could build a life for our family there, we would have hope. We stood for something the rest of the world wished to be a part Oh! They still want to come here but just to escape the horrors of their own country. No longer are we the refuge we once were.

Righteousness exalts a Nation, also a person, but not in their own eyes. This nation was once considered a righteous nation. This does not mean perfect just rightly related to those watching. Unfortunately we didn’t read the rest of the words,(but their ways of the wicked shall parish in there ways.) Wickedness is like a cancer and the process is identical, so it is with our relationship to God. Don’t misunderstand there was evil present always, but the majority of the nation desired to be in relationship with God. This is why God blessed the nation and might again, if we could return to our former state in Christ.

Just because we think we are the toughest on the block, doesn’t negate the cause and affect caused by unrighteous leadership, or those propagating improper reasoning that will deceive others to the end purpose which are in there heart. We are being warned on a daily bases by every aspect of life, Pandemic should wake us up, wars and senseless atrocities from many places in the world, the heavens above showing us signs. These are only the beginning. The story of Jonah should warn us anti did Nineveh. If this Nation doesn’t turn toward righteousness the end is clear.

Christ is still our savior and we need our Savior now. We can make a difference it we all that trust cry aloud, sound the trumpet, watchmen sound the alarm! This is affecting the entire planet not just The United States of America, We have a common purpose to unite us! Don’t you think its time torch out of help to the only One that can fix this ?

~ by spiritualhypster on 04/18/2022.

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