Judge or Repent

Somehow in the scheme of things we have inverted everything life should be. Christ himself said ( I came not to Judge the world but to save it. Yet we seem unable to stop judging everything as if we are the final say in any matter. It is for us to Repent of not Judge, we are not omniscient only God is. It is impossible that we could judge righteously because we are just corruptible flesh. So your opinion is of no value, but the words you speak will one day judge you. If you Judge anything Judge this.This is a harsh reality, but we are not in charge. There is an escape from this reality but only in your mind. Just tell yourself there is no God. Or Just repent every time you judge stop and turn around. For by the judgement you use for others you will be Judged.

Ps Denying God is like Denying Oxygen, we can’t live without either one.

~ by spiritualhypster on 04/02/2022.

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